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Concrete Sand

Price: £63.00 Bulk Bag(s) INC VAT

Production Description:
Concrete Sand is a coarse aggregate for the production of concrete as supplied to Ready Mix Concrete and other volume users. Our concrete sands comply with the gradings set out in BS 882. We regularly sample our sands to check that grain size distribution meets specification. Each of our concrete sands is intended to produce a concrete of predictably high strength and durability, with a uniform appearance. The BS 882 grading specification is designed to produce such a concrete, and also to prevent segregation (honeycombing); plastic shrinkage; cracking and blistering. Where builders intend to mix their own concrete, the BS aggregate gradings control the cement demand, by limiting the surface area of grains to be coated in cement.

All aggregates are available in: Bulk bags or delivered direct to site in bulk loads by our own fleet of bulk tippers. We also offer a crane-off load service.

Qty Required:   Bulk Bag(s)

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