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Ecogrid 40mm depth in Terracotta

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Price: £15.40 INC VAT

Production Description:
Ecogrid 40mm depth in Terracotta and are suitable for the following applications,

  • Car park reinforcement
  • Outdoor riding rings
  • Raised verge reinforcement
  • Connecting paths, drives
  • Building site routes, loading bays
  • Gardening and landscaping

There are 9 interlocking tiles per square metre.

Installation guidelines and explanations.

Sharp angular stone: quarried stone as the stone will sit better in the grid, fill to the top and compact thoroughly with a standard plate vibrator or roller , top up as required

Sharp sand: Can be fine grit or 3-6mm fine gravel, deigned to bed the Ecogrid in and provide a cushioning layer. This should be raked level over the geotextile and compacted level.

Membrane: This must have a minimum weight of 115g. Typar SF24 or NW8 with a cone drop efficiency of 45.

Drainage layer. This must have reduced fines 20mm stone down. Clean 15-20mm limestone can be used for this course if sourcing of Type 3 is difficult.

Open grid: This is an optional base support layer in situations where the soil level is very soft or a CBR of less than 3-4.

Qty Required:   Metre(s)

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